Title VPSA DISCUSSION GROUP: VPSA Dinner Group - What are the personal repercussions of your work as a physician or nurse practitioner on your relationships?
Start Time 2023-01-30 7:15 PM
End Time 2023-01-30 8:15 PM
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Inspired by the highly successful Commensality Groups developed at the Mayo Clinic, the Vancouver Physician Staff Association is offering a series of dinner groups. Small groups meet to discuss a predetermined topic. Gain insights on how colleagues have navigated similar challenges and spark new ideas and approaches.

Drs. Anna Borowska and Jen Chen co-host the January group.

This dinner is an informal opportunity to share with colleagues in a congenial atmosphere. This month's topic: what are the personal repercussions of your work as a physician (or nurse practitioner) on your relationships?

Please note there is no didactic portion of this session. There will be an expectation of confidentiality. Space is limited to allow for small group discussion.

REGISTER H​ERE​ by Jan 29!

Please log in within 10 minutes before the session begins so that we can start punctually.

A free dinner is included (feel free to eat during the discussion!), with $25 DoorDash gift cards emailed separately.​​

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Location Vancouver
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