PLQI in Action: Accomplishments made through PLQI Training

Dr. Kelly Mayson’s success in achieving a reduction in the incidence of anemia in gynaecology oncology and radical cystectomy patients presenting for major abdominal surgery was due to a significant increase in the referrals to the Perioperative Blood Management Program (PBMP) and the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. The PLQI initiative enabled Dr. Mayson to lead a multidisciplinary working group physicians from multiple specialties and hospital staff to support the quality improvement work. PLQI project team have provided complex data analysis and technical support to consolidate and analyze large datasets to inform decision making. Dr. Mayson completed a rapid-fire presentation on this work at the BCPSQC Quality Forum in February 2019:

Dr. Mypinder Sekhon’s work, supported by the PLQI team, includes the implementation of a neurocritical care program at VCH. The implementation of strategies for patients with traumatic brain injuries, which allows for the optimization of the brains metabolism and for personalized care of the patient, has led to ground-breaking outcomes for patients:

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